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Ranbireshwar Temple Amongst all the Shiva"s shrines, Ranbireshwar temple of Jammu is prominantly one of the biggest temple in the Northern part of India. Built by the King Ranbir Singh by laying down its foundation stone as far back as in the year 1852 A.D. The Ranbireshwar temple is situated on the Shalimar Road in the city of Jammu.The temple is flanked throughout the year by the devotees who gather in large numbers to offer prayers to the reigning deity of the temple.
It has one central "Lingam" measuring seven and a half feet height and twelve Shiva "Lingams" of crystal measuring from 15 cms and galleries with thousands of Shiva "Lingam" fixed on stone slabs which is the prime attraction of this temple. Ranbireshwar Temple is 11 kilometers far from the heart of the city and it is surrounded by 12 temples around it. A lot of people will gather during festival seasons.The premises of the temple are divided into two halls decorated by images of the gods Ganesha and Kartikeya. The idols of the faithful Nandi Bull is found in the temple. 1.25 lakh bona lingams of the Lord Shiva are placed in the two halls of the temple.The temple also has 12 other lingams carved out of crystal ranging from 15 centimeters to 38 centimeters in height.
The temple has seven "lingas" and "ekadasha Rudra" made up of pure crystal while the rest six are made up magnificient and beautiful black stones. And the biggest of "Lingams" is in beautiful black-stone measuring a height of seven feet and is mounted on a spacious Parnali and all other lingas are clustered in parnalis. For the true devotees revealations, the two most beautiful lingas are made of pure marble images of "Lord Shiva" and "Mata Parvatiji". There are as well two apartments wherein are embedded thousands of "Bana Lingas".Ranbireshwar Temple Ranbireshwar temple is the epicentre of festivites on the most auspious occasion of Budh Purnima (Raksha Bandhan) when devotees throng in huge procession for away places. The temple complex is wonderfully decorated devited divicting a kaleodoscopic vision during night hours and people of all hues are having the holy darshan, pay obeisance and obtain blessings. On the occasion, they have "merry-making" and make purchases for little kids on the auspious occasion of "Maha Shivratri," another fair is as well held when there is huge assemblaze of people of multihued people irrespective of caste, colour and creed and that of gender or age. The entire congregation reflect colourful and verietiful look in and around the proximity of the temple complex. Even otherwise, the people of all hues pay obeisance on every Monday and Saturday and offer holy Shivlingam with flowers and Bel Patri most auspious and obtain blessings.

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