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Raghunath Temple Amongst the temples in Jammu, the Raghunath Mandir dedicated to Lord Rama, takes pride of the place, being situated right in the heart of Jammu. The temple has seven shrines, with god-plated interiors. The most important houses the Dogra's patron deity, Rama, Vishnu's eighth incarnation. The cluster of temples makes it the largest temple complex in Northern India. Work on the temple was started by Maharaja Gulab Singh, founder of the Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir in 1835 AD and was completed by his son Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1860 AD. The inner walls of the main temple are covered with gold sheet on three sides. There are many galleries with lakhs of 'Saligrams'. The surrounding Temples are dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses connected with the epic Ramayana. Morning and evening aartis are ritually attended and there is also a stone lingam here and in the other shrines, for this is a center for Shakti worship.
The cluster of temples makes it the largest temple complex in Northern India.Raghunath Temple The inner sanctums of the temples contain gigantic statues of Gods and Goddesses and numerous 'lingams'. It contains representatives of almost the entire Hindu Pantheon, which makes it a rare sight to see.The arches of the temple underline the fact that its design was influenced by Mughal architecture. The huge temple has seven shikhars (spires), where every shrine has its own shikhar. On the very entrance of the Temple, a portrait of Maharana Ranbir Singh and an image of Lord Hanuman embellish the site. The central shrine is dedicated to Lord Raghunath/ Rama, who is the presiding deity. Apart from the main shrine, the other shrines encompass various incarnations of Lord Vishnu. There is a shrine of Lord Surya (Sun God), which is another striking shrine. There are many idols of different forms of the God.

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