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Mahamaya Mandir Situated in the Submontane tract of the Southern most Himalayan Region known as Siwaliks (Shivaliks) the Mahamaya temple is confined to the outerskirts of the Jammu city towards its eastern side on the bank of the river Tawi. This historical temple has been dedicated to the "Goddess Mahamaya" and is present inside the forest area.
One of the distinctive characteristic of the Mahamaya Temple is that its presiding deity is not any famous God of the Hindu Pantheon but Mahamaya, a Dogra heroine. The temple is dedicated to this courageous lady who gave up her life fighting for her motherland.
Mahamaya Temple is one such temple which is flocked by devotees who come to offer their prayers. However the Mahamaya Temple is not merely a place of worship, it is one of the foremost tourist attractions of Jammu. Mahamaya TempleFrom the Bahu Fort, Mahamaya temple is at a distance of about 3 km (by road) and is quite visible from the Jammu city. Many people having faith on the "Goddess Mahamaya" go to the Mahamaya temple for paying obeisance after worshipping "Kali" or "Bawe Wali Mata". From Mahamaya temple one can fully enjoy the glamour and beauty of Jammu city. The climate of the place is pleasant. The basin of the river Tawi is attractive. The place is surrounded by fasciating trees and bushes like Dalbergia Sisso, Acacia Nilotica, Acacia catechu, Acacia modesta, Cassia fistula, and Carissa spinarum, Dodonea Viscosa.

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