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Kheer Bhawani Temple The temple of Kheer Bhawani is situated in the village Maheshaspora, Tullmulla, which is 25 Km north of Srinagar city in Ganderbal district. This temple is highly revered by the Kashmiri Pandit community of the State .The temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Ragnya Devi. An annual festival is held here on the Jesht Astami (May-June) when Hindus visit the temple in large numbers to offer prayer to seek the blessing of the deity. Devotees also throng on every Shulka Paksh Ashtami round the year and perform hawan to please the mother Goddess. The historic temple of Kheer Bhawani was built by the then the Dogra ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. Maharaja Pratap Singh. Later it was renovated by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1912.
According to legends, Lord Ram worshipped Goddess Ragnya, during the period of his exile. When the exile was finally terminated, Rama asked Hanuman to relocate the shrine of the Goddess to Shadipora. Another legend speaks of Ragnya Devi appearing in the dream of a priest named Raghunath Gadroo and asked him to shift her shrine to the present place. Subsequently, the shrine was shifted in the village of Tullamulla. The original temple was constructed by Maharana Pratap Singh in 1912, which was later refurbished by Maharaj Hari Singh. Inside the temple complex, an image of Ragnya Devi is placed, made of white marble.
Kheer Bhawani Temple The temple attains reputation due the pilgrims offering "kheer" (a sweet dish made of milk) as "prasad". It is alleged that kheer turns black in color, portending about the imminent disaster. An annual festival is celebrated at the Kheer Bhavani temple on the occasion of the Shukla Paksha Ashtami. On this particular day, devotees observe fasting to gather at the temple complex to pay their homage to the Goddess.
An annual festival is celebrated by the temple on the occasion of Shukla Paksha Ashtami. On the particular day, devotees observe a fast and gather at the temple to pay their homage to the Goddess. Likewise, Jesht Ashtami (May-June) is another occasion, when people come from and near to have a glimpse of the Goddess. It is said that on this day, the spring changes its color with the blessings of the Goddess. The festival is concluded with 'Maha Yagna' to please Ragnya Devi.

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